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Thursday 7 January 2016 - Appointment

International Exhibition for artisan production of Gelato pastry, Confectionery and Bakery

23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 January 2016

ICECAR - Equipped vehicles for sale of ice cream and other foodstuff

Streetfood, street shop, salestreet…you can call it in many ways, the new food business which meet quickly and qualitatively one of the basic needs of man. Our company has developed a wide range of vehicles (ICECAR) specifically for the sale of products either related to the cold (ice cream, drinks, ...) and the hot (sandwiches, crepes, coffee, ...).

Our vehicles ICECAR for the itinerant sale are distinguished by the high quality, the total customization that we offer and the handcrafted custom made.

Our professional team realize vehilcles as hand pushing carts, bicycle carts, Ape ice cream, vans and trailers. 

Customized contract furniture

Reliability, creativity and high quality are just some of the adjectives that can describe our furniture service contract.
Our design team offers tailor-made solutions for catering, following step by step all phases of the project and the requests of our customers.
We produce complete furnitures for pubs, bars, bakeries, canteens, restaurants and food laboratory.
The attention to the customer's needs is always first.
We customize every projects with changes made by customers, following all phases of project development and taking care of every detail.
Whatever is on your mind, we are going to help you constructing your ideas!!

F-GAS: Regulation to reduce emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gas

F-GAS Regulation is an environmental policy that the European Union has decided to adopt in order to contain, prevent, and reduce emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases. F-Gas Regulation has entered into in July 2006, with effect from July 2007 and affects all equipment / systems containing refrigerant gas in quantities equal to or greater than 3kg.

Our company is certified F-Gas and offers to its customers the best services to meet the regulations, from the equipment records to the compilation of the annual mandatory.

REFRIGERATED PACK SYSTEMS: the solution for energy savings

Energy savings, optimization of power consumption, increasing of compressors' reliability, noise reduction, recovery of heat: these are some of the main benefits in the installation of a refrigerated pack system modulated from 2 inverter.

Argenta srl helps you in the study and design of the best location for your refrigerated pack system, ensuring professionalism, consulting, warranty, service and satisfaction.