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air conditioners

Heat pump systems

We create high energy efficiency systems for homes for the treatment of waste water, heating and cooling by heat pump.
What is a heat pump? Heat pumps extract heat from a natural source (air, water or ground) and transport it inside the house at the appropriate temperature, depending on the type of heating system.
The requirements of environment conditioning can be extremely different depending on the areas that are to be air-conditioned. Depending on your needs, you can choose either air conditioners, dehumidifiers, air purifiers or appliances that combine all the aforementioned functions.

The Argenta srl team takes care of all aspects of air conditioning, carrying out installation of air conditioners, and regular maintenance as well providing assistance to customers for any type of problem, also thanks to our fleet of equipped vans used as mobile workshops.

Air conditioning systems


We also make systems for more complex and bigger businesses, such as hotels, wellness centres, gyms and sports centres, warehouses and factories and condominiums, and also places that need advanced technology and reliable systems. In order to provide excellent service to our customers, we use Mitsubishi Electric Climatizzazione heat pumps and VRF solutions.


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