All air conditioning systems, both for domestic and professional use, must be duly registered in the Public Register of Heating Systems. This means that air conditioners must have a system log book, in the same manner as boilers, in which the equipment details and the periodic maintenance to be carried out are recorded.

The obligation was established by Decree Law no. 192 of 19 August 2005, as amended and supplemented, and by the subsequent Decree no. 74 of the President of the Republic of 16 April 2013. As from 15 October 2014, the regulations require that a System Log Bookand the Energy Efficiency Checks Report are set up.

By thermal system we mean technological systems for winter and/or summer air conditioning, either with the production of domestic hot water or without, regardless of their power supply

The Log Book must be drawn up:

  • when installing a new air conditioning system;
  • when carrying out maintenance on an existing system.

Registration in the regional register can be carried out by certified companies, but it can subsequently be updated by the System Manager (owner, condominium administrator or any responsible third party).

The Log Book indicates the technical data, the identification data of the air conditioning system and its manager, as well as the periodic maintenance recommended for the correct functioning and efficiency of the system.

The log book must be kept by the System Manager and updated whenever maintenance takes place, whether the maintenance is carried out autonomously or by specialised companies.


Spot checks of the energy efficiency and the verification of maintenance are carried out by the competent institutions. Those responsible for the system who do not have a Log Book that is in order, or who have not carried out the necessary maintenance can be fined from € 500 to € 3,000.

Preparation of the log book of the air conditioning system

Since the law entered in force Argenta srl, has prepared air conditioning system log books for its customers. When quoting for the installation of an air conditioner or heat pump we always include preparation of the log book as required by law. When technicians undertake routine and extraordinary maintenance on systems that do not have a log book, it is prepared and completed at the same time.

For systems within the Venetian Region, the regional register of thermal systems is called CIRCE. While in nearby Trentino, the log book is called SIRE. Argenta srl is certified for both types of log books as we operate throughout the Veneto region and also in many areas of Trentino (primarily in Primiero).

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