Routine Planned Maintenance


In order to be more efficient and to ensure greater safety, equipment and systems require periodic maintenance.. When managing a company, it is often hard to remember to arrange this. In small and medium-sized businesses it often happens that you remember that machinery or systems have to be maintained only when a failure occurs or when an inspection takes place.

To avoid this more and more companies are choosing to make use ofArgenta srl’scustomised routine maintenance packages.

Every company has different requirements depending on the types of system, the quantity of equipment and the activities undertaken. For this reason our offices create ad hoc solutions that fully meet specific requirements with six-monthly or annual packages or with a call out by the hour packages.

The staff of Argenta srl take care of the deadlines and they arrangethe routine maintenance required within the agreed time frame.

The primary benefits of planned maintenance are:

  • the comfort of having “no worries”
  • better performance of equipment and machinery
  • longer life span of equipment and machinery
  • safe systems
  • better energy efficiency
  • financial savings.

Planned Maintenance - Bars and Cafeterias

Argenta srl offers bar and cafeteria managers the possibility of purchasing maintenance andperiodic assistancepackages for all commonly used equipment: refrigerators, freezers, display cabinets, cold cellars, ice makers, glass washers, etc.

Planned maintenance - Ice cream parlours and pastry shops

Ice cream parlours and pastry shops must pay particular attention to the production machinery they use daily. An annual overhaul of the ice-cream machines, pasteurizers, water boilers and all other equipment guarantees not only a longer life but also a better end product.

Planned Maintenance - Bars, Restaurants and Pizzerias

Many machines are needed for catering activities: for preparation, cooking, storage and washing. In addition to these there are also fans and air conditioners that regulate the temperature of room and working environments.

Planned maintenance - Accommodation Facilities

Bed & breakfasts establishments, guest houses, hotels and resorts have even more complex and different requirements. They have all the requirements of detailed above and also a variable number of air conditioners depending on the number of rooms and other spaces.

Planned Maintenance - Companies and Industrial Sector

Many companies have to manage the requirements of different departments that use different machinery. Relying on a customised assistance and maintenance package an be a useful solution to ensure the safety, efficiency and healthiness of work places and workers. Argenta srl offers modular packages of hours of maintenance and annual assistance, prioritising operations according to the specific requirements of the company.

Planned Maintenance - Offices and Shops

All offices and shops now are equipped with an air conditioning system. Carrying out the recommended maintenance ensures a healthy and efficient environment both for workers and for the customer, as well as ensuring a reduction in energy costs. Argenta’s planned maintenance packages for air conditioners guarantee that maintenance will be carried out in time and that the Log Books will be updated.

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