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Refrigeration systems

Refrigeration systems ensure that food is storage at the right temperature. Upon request, we design customised systems such as cold storage, refrigerated cabinets, warehouses with normal or below zero temperature and much more. Our team of technicians is able to work on small- and large-scale industrial systems.

Centralised refrigeration systems

The function of the centralised refrigeration system is to provide the refrigeration capacity required by the various units and it must be able to supply at least 50% of the required refrigerating capacity even in the event of a component failure or when the electronic control unit does not function (electromechanical operation).

In addition to these two primary functions, over the years other requirements regarding the quality of the refrigeration system have appeared, such as:

  • reduction of electricity consumption of the refrigeration unit;
  • a constant level of cooling capacity with a reduction of “oscillations” in the system, which delivers better quality product preservation;
  • highly reliable and low maintenance;
  • easy to install and very easy to use.

From the point of view of energy saving, a system with an inverter unit is undoubtedly the best, and it also includes a single central unit with 2 or 3 DOUBLE INVERTERcompressors, which is used to supply the refrigerated cabinets (both normal and wall mounted), cold storages, kitchen islands and the other equipment that needs refrigeration capacity to function.

This innovative system can adapt the cooling capacity supplied to the thermal load in real time, thus ensuring optimal operating conditions for the compressors.

In practice, electricity consumption is always perfectly proportionate to the cooling requirements which has resulted in a significant reduction in the mechanical deterioration of the compressors. In the event of the failure of one of the compressors, the remaining compressor can cover up to 75% of the total need.

Completely electronically controlled. In the unlikely event of an electronic control failure, the system continues to operate in electromechanical mode, and it transmits a failure signal.

Compared to traditional systems, the estimated energy saving is about 30-35%.

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