customised furniture

for ice cream parlors

for bars and cafes

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customised furniture


One of the core products of Argenta srl is the production of furniture for ice-cream parlours. Naturally as we have a team of very experienced refrigeration engineers, the refrigeration industry is our primary focus, however our company also creates furniture for other catering areas: from coffee bars to hotels, to pizzerias and restaurants.
The secret of the company’s success are our extensive experience and the ability to satisfy all our consumer's requirements. In fact, steel is customised and made to measure in the factory by our specialised technicians.

In our factory we make every type of modular stainless-steel furniture, the design is essential and functional.
The various modules can be combined in order to provide innovative effective solutions.
The product range includes:

Display cabinets and counters

  • display cabinets for ice-cream
  • counters
  • semifreddo display cabinets

Shelving and storage cabinets

  • stainless-steel shelves;
  • wall units made of stainless-steel;
  • storage cabinets;
  • metal shelving;


  • hoppers;
  • stainless-steel rubbish bins;
  • plate trolleys.

Ice-cream parlour furniture

Ice-cream parlour furniture Together with the customer, we design all the aspects of the ice cream parlour. Once we have understood the client’s operational and stylistic requirements the team starts to work to create a bespoke design. By working directly with architects and other local companies, Argenta offers customers ready to use ice cream parlour furniture that can be delivered both in Italy and abroad.

Creation of well-made ice cream parlour furniture requires significant experience and expertise together with continual updating and knowledge of a design trends. Everything is based on creating a welcoming environment for clients to facilitate sales. Those who work every day in the ice cream parlour need counters and working areas that are easy to use and practical. The secret to a successful ice cream shop lies in the perfect combination of these things.

The production area is very important too: it is the soul of the whole activity. Again, in order to facilitate work, we need to pay attention to how the machinery and other equipment is arranged. It’s a good idea to get advice about the machinery needed for ice-cream making from those who constantly use it. Argenta’s trained and certified technicians are authorised to repair the major brands in the industry, they know all the pros and cons of each model, so why not make use of their expertise?

Purchasing furniture for artisan ice-cream parlours is quite a large investment, but there are solutions for all budgets and subsidised leasing opportunities for businesses.


Argenta srl’s offer of furniture restyling is an attractive economical solution that will spruce up your ice cream parlour.

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Reliability, creativity and high quality are the winning characteristics of our furniture design service.