laboratories for ice cream parlors

equipment for artisan ice cream parlors

laboratories for ice cream parlors


The artisanal ice cream production area is a sacred place for every ice cream maker. All the ingredients are stored here. And we also find the tools that will transform the raw materials into delicious ice creams and sorbets. Regardless of the size of the production area it is essential that the ice cream parlour is perfectly organised in order to make the work of the ice cream maker easy and efficient.
When the ice-cream production area is being set-up attention must be paid to the regulations in force in the specific country as well as operational issues. ll machinery must be in the right place to create a good working environment. The equipment needed includes pasteurizers, cream cookers, batch freezers, mixers, blenders, maturation vats, and also blast freezers, cold cabinets below and above zero, cold storages and possibly a water-economiser to reduce the water consumption.
Argenta srl helps its clients in designing the ice-cream parlour production area, advising on the most appropriate machinery and the most common issues that need to be resolved. The company's technical team is able to explain the pros and cons of all the equipment of the principal brands of the industry, thanks to their experience in maintenance and assistance.

Argenta srl helps the customers in designing the ice-cream parlour production area advising on the most efficient machinery


  • steel tables with legs;
  • stainless steel tables with cupboards;
  • tables with cupboards and drawers.


  • steel sinks with legs;
  • sinks with cupboards;
  • stainless steel hand cleaners;
  • steel sinks with unified tanks.


  • batch freezers;
  • pasteurisers;
  • cold storage and fridge cabinets;
  • blast freezers.

Equipment for artisan ice-cream parlours

Our ice-cream machines meet the highest quality standards, we offer a wide range of efficient and functional ice-cream makers, hot water boilers, creamers, pasteurizers and whipped cream machines. These are items are designed to provide customers with an exceptional product completely up to the standards of classic Italian tradition of ice-cream making.

The equipment we provide for artisan ice cream parlours is the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology, that complies with the strictest standards in terms of hygiene, safety and energy saving, and the artisan tradition of ice cream making that requires authentic ingredients and specific techniques. Different models and types of machinery for the production of ice cream are offered in the catalogue, all of them are able to satisfy the requirements of both small and large production facilities.

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